Roxy R

Added March 18, 2008

Roxy's little MILF ass looks mighty hot in this all black dress that she is wearing. She sucks two big cocks and fucks our guys silly. Roxy gets two massive facials.

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Roxy Rockat


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Roxy is so sexy, not a huge fan of double penetration but this scene was hot! Love an older woman that doesn't have fake cans! Also the the cum covered face was lovely, better than swallowing, but not quite as good as an anal cream pie!


Hungarian beauty Roxy is waiting for us. She has a short dress on, but it does not hang around long, neither does her panty. In a bathroom she finds two guys, and brings them out to play. Leading them by their cocks Roxy brings them out to the living room. She crouches down between them, and with a cock to each side of her she starts slurping away like a good girl. The boys take a rest on the floor. Roxy kneels between them. The eager beaver’s mouth and hands go to work on her firm play toys. She switches back and forth between them. Roxy mounts one of them cowgirl. The other stud just waits his turn. He is rewarded when Roxy hops the first cock and climbs onboard his. The abandoned stud stands up. He gives Roxy something to snack on while she pogo-sticks up and down on his buddy. The nasty bitch stands up and does a 180 before squatting back down on her comfortable seat. The stud filling her mouth grabs a handful of hair. Roxy’s cheeks puff out as the beefy cock presses into her mouth. One of the guys sits back on the couch. Roxy snatches up his dick and commences sucking away. From behind the other stud fucks her doggy. With both hands her head is often drived down deep onto the pulsating pillar. After awhile the guys switch ends. Roxy looks majestic bookended by the two men. One of the studs sits on the couch, and Roxy takes a seat on his upright shaft. The other guy sits next to them on the back of the couch. Roxy leans over to her right to suck his cock while her pussy rides up and down on the other. She truly appears only to be happy if she has at least two cocks to please herself with. After a bit Roxy mounts the other guy reverse cowgirl on the couch. The second stands to her left on the cushion so she has something for her mouth to munch on. Her smallish tits quiver toughly as the stud jack hammers his dick into her cunt from beneath. Roxy lies back on the couch near the edge. One man stands at the edge and fucks her tasty pussy. After slamming her hard for several minutes he gives away to his partner so he can also bang the bitch for awhile. But he does not wait long to stick his cock back in her mouth while his buddy continues to thump away. Roxy is ready for the finale. A stud moves up to her right stroking. His pal grabs the top of Roxy’s head holding it back. His watery jets slam into her face. Hitting her cheeks, chin, lips, nose, and left eye. From the left the other stud soils her forehead with cum. Jizz pours down her head as she tilts it to the left. The goo slithers over her left eyebrow and eyelid. He squeezes more out onto the bridge and tip of her nose. The diagonal stripe of ball-paste over her left eyes is fantastic. Roxy has a nice firm body and did a great job with it. She has great spirit and the facial was perfect ending to the action.